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Valluvanad Culture

Valluvanad has got a prestigious cultural tradition worth mentioning. The green foliage of nature and various art forms play a vital role in attracting thousands to know more about this land. Coming to art forms, Kathakali, Kaikottikali, Thiruvaathirakali, Thumbithullal, Tholppaavakuuthu, Carnatic Music, Melam and Thayambaka (classical percussions) are a part and parcel of every Valluvanadans life. People celebrate festivals in a great spirit and unity ,and certain arts forms are performed on such special occassion. Religious events like Pooram, Nercha, Vela, Ayyappan Vilakku and other festivals like Onam, Vishu, Id-ul-Fitr, Christmas, etc. are celebrated by all in great spirit and harmony. To know more about these festivals, just peep into the Festivals web page.

Temples of valluvanad add beauty to the land. The paintings and sculptures found incarnated in some of the old temples in Valluvanad can be mentioned as the greatest epitome of talents. People belonging to different communities and religions living in a great peace and harmony is a real beauty to watch. Population of the land is equally shared between the Hindus and the Muslims. Christians are minority in the area. In the eastern areas of valluvanad, Hindus have majority while Muslims are more in the western areas. However, the relation between these two communities are very good and there is an excellent communal harmony between them. Both religions have a lot of cultural tradition in Valluvanad.


When it comes to the income of the people, we can see that the foreign currency plays a major role. People mostly in places like Pattambi, Perinthalmanna, Cherpulassery, Ponnani, etc. are keen to work in middle east countries. The development of this area is also greatly dependent on the foreign currency that flows in. Other important means of livelihood in this area are agriculture, fishing and various small and large scale businesses including self-employment. People getting their main income from agriculture are engaged with Rubber Estates, Coconut Plantations and the like that covers areas in acres. People involved with Paddy Cultivation mostly have some other sources of income as Paddy cultivation does not reap good profits. Fishing is the source of income to 70% of people living along the coastal area. Lots of people in other areas are also indirectly connected in this by selling Fishes. Most middle-class and low-class families in the villages have cows, hens or goats as livestock or pet.

Self-employed people are involved mainly with small shops, Autorikshaws, Four-wheeler Taxis, etc. Employment in the area is limited to Government Sector, Shops and Commercial Establishments and Private Companies. Valluvanad cannot be counted as an excellent Business or Commercial Centre. Most businesses in the area have only local coverage. Only countable companies have export or Inter-State Trade. Real Estate Business is really flourishing in the area, and hopefully, in the near future, the land might play a vital role in adding economy to the state. Private Engineering Colleges that take up acres of land in hilly undeveloped locations add more area to the Real Estate business. Lots of colleges and educational institutions have started here in the last few years, and most of them are located in hilly areas, far from the town. This has resulted in the overall booming of land price in the area. There are even people who earn their living by real estate trading. Recent penetration of Shopping Malls into the business have also changed the lifestyle of people in the area, which resulted in an increase in the number of families engaged in night shopping.