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Valluvanad Nature


The climate of Valluvanad is tropical, with a uniform temperature. During summer, hot winds blow from the burning plains of Coimbatore through the Palakkad gap. During Monsoon, there is a uniform rainfall all over the area. Major portion of the area is hilly and is under cultivation. The area experiences a maximum temperature of 41°C in summer and a minimum of 18°C is Winter / Monsoon. The exception to this temperature range applies to Silent Valley area, the north-eastern boundary of Valluvanad where the temperature remains at 21°C in summer and goes down upto 3°C in Winter. It has the distinction of being a rain forest, very rare in the world.


The topography and physical characteristics of Valluvanad change distinctly from east to west. The flora of Valluvanad is characteristically tropical, owing to the seasonal rainfall, moderate temperature, and the mountainous eastern border. Some of the dominant trees in the region are Coconut Tree (Cocos Nucifera), Plaintain (Musa Paradisiaca), Mango Tree (Mangifera Indica), Cashew Nut Tree (Anacardium Occidentale), Jackfruit Tree (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) and Bamboo Palm (Rhapis excelsa). Rubber and Teak plantations are common in the hills, while Coconut plantations are common along the coastal areas. Plain lands are utilised for Paddy cultivation. There are no wastelands here. The Silent Valley area, spread over an area of about 9000 hectares, is a thick forest rich in some of the rare species of plants and animals.


No animal can be mentioned peculiar to this area. Elephants are common in almost all parts of the forest. Tiger, Leopard, Bear, etc. are sometimes found in thick forests. Deer, Sambar and Spotted Deer are seen in large numbers. Nilgiris langur, bonnet monkey, slender loris, jungle cat, different types of mongoose, jackals, hares, etc. are found in the forest. Birds are represented by the King Crow, Sunbird, Peacocks, Eagles, etc. Birds like Crows, Pigeons, Sparrows, Woodpeckers, Kingfishers, Parrots, Myna, etc. are seen in all areas. Poisonous and non - poisonous snakes are common in the area.