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About Valluvanad

Valluvanad, ornamented by the famous river Bhaarathappuzha (also known as Nila River), erstwhile was a princely state in Kerala, which is located in the southern part of India. This land is an embellishment to Kerala for its culture and tradition. Valluvanad comprises of the whole of Perinthalmanna, Mannaarkkaad and Ottappalam taluks, and parts of Ponnani, Tirur and Ernad taluks. It extends from Bharathapuzha (Nila River) in the South to Panthalur mala in the North, and is bounded by Attapadi mala in the East (Silent Valley) and seacoast at Ponnani in the West. Valluvanad lies between north latitude 10°46' and 11°20' and east longitude 75°50' and 76°34'.

The name of the land itself creates a feeling of nostalgia in the mind of every malayalee around the world. The land has got a glorious culture, tradition and history, which differs this place from the rest. The traditional homesteads with some marvelous architectures, splendid structures, the Padippuras and Pathayappuras once stood proudly in Valluvanad. The sculptures and beautiful paintings incarnated in some of the old temples in valluvand are of great artistic value. The place is also a model for the hospitality and language of the people. With lots of temples and mosques, Valluvanad is also known for its religious harmony.

Valluvanad has a very deep connection with Bharathapuzha (Nila River) which groomed the culture and life of this place. Bharathapuzha is the greatest inspiration for the poets of the land. It is the second longest river in Kerala that starts from Anamalai Hills in Tamil Nadu and empties itself into the Arabian Sea at Ponnani. Being a non-perennial river, it is completely dry in the summer and fully flooded during monsoon.