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Cherpulassery is an important town in Valluvanad. It is situated 17 kilometers away from Ottapalam on the north-west side, exactly in between Pattambi, Perintalmanna and Ottapalam. Majority of the population are Hindus and Muslims, who are reputed for communal harmony. Vellinezhi village near Cherpulassery is very famous for Kathakali artists. Cherpulassery is an important place for various melams in chenda, thimila, maddalam, etc. and late Aliparamba Sivarama Poduval, Mattanur Sankaran Kutty, Cherpulassery Sivan etc. are well known artists in playing these instruments. Unlike other places, people in this area enjoy such melams at its best, even at odd hours.

People in the area mostly depended on agriculture in olden days, but the situation has changed now. Due to non-availability of agricultural labourers, many crops have disappeared. In 1980's and 90's there was a big flow of youths to the gulf for employment. At least one member or more in each family are working in the gulf region. Hence many people depend on gulf money and very few on business, agriculture or govt./ private employment. As a result, a number of banks in public & private sector have opened their branches at cherpulassery. The flow of foreign currency has increased many folds.

However, Cherpulassery is far behind in health care and educational institutions. Though there are a couple of medical clinics and labs, there is a lack of good hospital. Recently, a private medical college has started functioning at Mangod on the Palakkad road. People depend on Vaniyamkulam or Perintalmanna hospitals for a specialised treatment and surgery. Similarly, there are no colleges or good professional educational institutions, except a few technical couses and computer courses. Therefore, students depend on colleges at Pattambi, Perintalmanna, Ottapalam, Palakkad etc. after their high school. However, a couple of parallel colleges work here. An English-medium school also functions along Pattambi road.

Cherpulassery high school had an important place in the football map of Valluvanad. In 1960's and 70's Cherpulassery HS has become winners for many times in the inter-school football tournament in Ottapalam educational district. Like chenda melam and Kathakali, people were very interested in football in the past generation. Cherpulassery was the only high school in Palakkad district where Kalaripayattu was a teaching subject for the students (boys) in 1960's.

The Puthanalkal Kala Vela is the most important festival which is very famous in Valluvanad area. It is celebrated on the 12th and Thalappoli on 13th of February every year. Regardless of religion and caste, all people take active participation and contribute to this celebration. Another important function is the 10-day festival at Ayyappan Kavu. This temple is very famous amongst Sabarimala devotees. During November to January, tens of thousands of devotees from Palakkad, Malapuram and Thrissur districts reach Ayyappan Kavu to wear the Ayyappa “mudra” and to start their pilgrimage to Sabarimala. During this season, a number of Ayyappan Vilakku are also performed in front of the temple. Cherpulassery Ayyappan Kavu is one of the few temples where marriages are performed in the presence of Lord Ayyappa. A traditional temple art called "Thiyyattu" is also performed at the temple during the 10-day festival season. A number of other local temples also celebrate the Kala Vela and Thalappoli.